Thursday, October 20, 2005

Six Fortune U-DONG Noodles

The Six Fortune U-DONG Noodles is a Korea product. The Korean made Ramens have bigger packages than most others. They often come in as a 4.2oz (120g) packge compares to a 3.5oz (100g) package for most of the others like Nissin's. That is a good 20% more. So if you're hungry, this will do a better job filling you up.

There are 2 soup base pouches inside each package. One pouch provides most of the flavor which appears to be heavily miso or soybean based with a touch of seafood flavor. It taste like most of the other Korean made ramens except this one is not spicy hot. The other pack provides some dried carrots and seaweeds. The texture of the noodles also appears to be the same as all other Korean noodles. Korea must be a very homogeneous country and everyone there have the same taste.

I like to overdo my Korean ramens somewhat. Reading from instructions on the package, it also advise you to "Quick cooking in 3 minutes". By that, I take that the manufacturer would like you to cook it instead of just add hot water to it. You may still get the same result by adding hot water, only you need to leave it in the bowl a little longer, say 10 minutes. You may even want to heat it up in a microwave oven before eating because by the time it's ready, it may already cool off somewhat.

Since I like Korean ramens, I'll give it a favorable rating of 8 out of a possible 10. I do think all korean ramens tastes alike, on both the soup flavors and the texture of the noodles. Your choice among the Korean noodles is basically spicy hot or not. Either way, I don't mind eating it often.


Anonymous said...

boiling ramyun and adding hot water is different in result.
boiled noodles are chewier, easier to grab with chopsticks because of better stickiness, and have better texture. but i guess all the subtle differences don't matter to westerners? I don't stand hot water-added instant noodles personally. And I'm sorry that anyone could think they are the same. but it's other people's taste really..

Anonymous said...

I believe that six fortune is not a Korean company
It is a Chinese company