Thursday, September 29, 2005

Welcome to the Ramen Blog

This is a place for ramen lovers to keep track of which kinds of ramen are good and why. With seemingly hundreds of varieties to choose from, it's hard to keep them all straight! Remember to post name AND flavor. Happy Ramen Eating!


Ramen Reviewer said...

Great site! I'm enjoying your reviews a lot. You're an inspiration to the ramen reviewing sub-culture around the world.

ariel said...

hey there - awesome site! i like all kinds of ramen. one instant noodle line that i think is the WORST though, i do not see here. perhaps you want to review it just to see how bad it is! it's the thai kitchen (some american brand, i believe) noodles. they give you about 10 tiny rice noodles, oils and powders to mix in (so you think it will be good, because they went to that extra effort) - and they are the gloppiest, unflavorful-est most unfulfilling instant noodle i have ever ever tasted. really awful. and they sell for a high price too! i think they are supposed to be "all natural" or something. so perhaps they don't fit in with the traditional "ramen", but anyway, here is a picture: