Thursday, September 29, 2005

Doll Instant Noodle - Spicy Beef Flavor

I had my doubts about a ramen brand called "Doll," but it turned out to be ok. Since I have very different opinions of the soup and the noodles, I'll divide my review into those two categories:

Soup: The soup base was a mixture of powder and hot sauce paste. Strangely, it was in a single package with a divider, which meant I had difficulty putting in just half of the seasonings like I usually do. Nevertheless, the soup flavor was quite a treat - spicy and flavorful with hot oil bubbles. Didn't taste much like beef though (they never do).

Noodles: I wasn't too pleased with the noodles. They took a long time to soften up, didn't absorb much of the soup flavor, and were very chewy. But to their credit, they did keep me full for about 3 hours, no small feat.

Which leads me to an interesting idea - mixing and matching soup from one package with noodles from another?


mitch said...

Ramen. Well, i have mixed feelings about it. I do like it spicy when i can get it that way. I have even bought the supermarket stuff, and jazzed it up. I know, not the same quality as restaurant fare, but great on a short budget. Anyway, interesting post.

vicmanb said...

I know its been like 4 years since your post, but I wanted to add a comment about the Doll Brand. It was the first major instant noodle (as we know of them) in Hong Kong in the 60s, 70s, 80s.... For what we call "ramen" noodles in the US or internationally, in Hong Kong they call them "doll noodles." Although now there are thousands of noodle brands, the term "doll noodle" is still a ubiquitous term.

Anonymous said...

Yes- doll noodle brand was introduced to hong kong by my great uncle vincent chou - though it has been sold off to nissan and there are now so many competitive brands out there, people still refer to instant noodles as GONG TSUY MEIN- which means doll noodles :)