Saturday, April 08, 2006

Samyang Foods - Kimchi Ramen

I had a pretty good idea what this ramen was going to taste like before I opened it. That's because it falls into the category of Korean ramens which tend to share several two characteristics: they are spicy and contain a lot of noodles.

Interestingly, this ramen advertised itself as being Kimchi flavored, instead of just Hot & Spicy as usual. Luckily, I consider myself an expert on Kimchi, so I am fully qualified to determine whether or not the flavor is truly Kimchi, or if it is just sneaky false advertising. For those unfamiliar with Kimchi, it is a Korean side dish consisting of spicy fermented cabbage. Sounds kind of gross but it is actually quite good. Interesting to see how it would taste in ramen form.

Well, it turned out to fall a little short of my lofty expectations. It didn't really have the distinctive tang and bite of real Kimchi. Instead, it seemed just like every other Korean ramen that I have ever had: it was spicy and contained lots of noodles. That's just fine with me, since I happen to enjoy Korean noodles. Still a little disappointing that it didn't quite live up to the big Kimchi printed across the front!

Samyang Foods - Kimchi Ramen - 7.0/10

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guilty carnivore said...

I agree - this is a fine Korean ramen. I don't even try to discern kimchi flavor from those ramens that advertise as's basically shorthand for red and spicy. how could you get pickled taste in a dried veggie packet, anyhow?

they make a cup version of this brand (that i buy at my local Uwajimaya superstore) that has little dried nuggets of pseudo-meat - most likely vegetable protein of some sort. awesome.

presa1200 said...

actually this samyang kimchi ramen tastes good only if you add some extra real kimchi, a beaten egg and beef meatballs. it turns out great for me.

Wannabe Murabbi Muda =) said...

No halal logo.. im already by this product without noticed .. Tis Product halal?

putih white said...

Are this product can eat by muslim?no pork or any animal meat process?