Saturday, April 29, 2006

IndoMie - Mi Goreng Rasa Baso Sapi

I had previously lamented the fact that IndoMie's offerings are only 85g and are rather inadequate, especially with the increased effort of having to open up to 5 flavor packets. So I was happy to find the "Jumbo" version of one of IndoMie's Mi Goreng Rasa Baso Sapi, which comes in at 120g. The translation of the name is "Beef Fried Noodles".

IndoMie's noodles generally have cooking instructions slightly different than typical instant noodles. You are supposed to cook the noodles and dump all the seasoning packets onto a plate. Then, you drain the noodles and transfer them to the plate and mix everything together. It seems like a cool idea to have 5 flavoring packets (seasoning powder, seasoning oil, sweet soy sauce, chili powder, and fried onion), but it turns into a giant pain when it is actually time to open them all, especially since they are attached to each other.

Overall, the taste was quite similar to the IndoMie Mi Goreng that I tried before. The noodles are rather oily and the taste is dominated by the sweet soy sauce and the fried red onion. The flavor is quite good and unique and I'm glad that IndoMie has a reasonable size instead of their tiny 85g package.

IndoMie - Mi Goreng Rasa Baso Sapi - 8.5/10


Anonymous said...


Indomie is the biggest Indonesian instant noodle brand. This one is just one its product which is basically fried noodle (not ramen). Thats why it has a different cooking instructions.

Indomie also have tipical ramen, wet type noodle. 80 gram tipical size of indonesian instant noodle. I usually eat 2. :)

Anonymous said...

I love mi goreng (literally 'noodle fried')! Very lucky here in Perth as there are soooooo many brands of instant noodles, including mi goreng, to choose from. Hurray for Indomie Jumbo mie goreng!

There're a few new brands of mi goreng which come with a sachet of crunchy bits for extra texture. This style is called 'Kriuk' which is onomatopaeic, I guess.

idarmadi said...

I have to agree that the size is a bit small, thus I usually eat 2. :)

Regarding hard to opened condiment packages, it need sometimes to master it.

The packages usually has zig zag cut so we can tear it open. But sometime it won't work. If it doesn't work the first time, turn the package upside down, and try to tear it from the other end. It usually works.

I always opened the powder package first.
Then the chili part, since greater chance it will less messy. Next the thick sweet soy sauce. Then the oil (shake it first).
The fried onion will be the last one after the drained noodle mixed with all those things.

Anonymous said...

I was introduced to this about 8 years ago by my wife--an Indonesian. There are so many varieties, including a couple that I find quite nasty.
Don't stop with the first, try them all.

There is one variety with tuna flavor. This one is so spicy you'd swear that the devil himself made it.

NoodleBandit said...

I discovered Mi Goreng about 4 weeks ago while trying to find a better ramen in the international isle of a Minnesota grocery store, and have had it for breaksfast at least twice a week since then. This stuff Rocks! I can only get the regular and hot flavors here. It tastes more like Chinese Lo Mien than Ramen, but cook these up and then drop a fried egg on top for a real decent 35 cent breakfast. I think the smaller pouches are just a marketing ploy to make "super size me" americans like me still crave it after the last bite is gone. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

Just a tip.

For me, since I find opening all 5 ingredients one by one too troublesome, I would fold the ingredients according to the dividers, cut them open all at once, then squeeze everything out. All it takes is just one squeeze and all will be on the plate.

The order of which you open the ingredients, especially so if you squeeze them all out at once since everything will be mixed in the end. It saves a lot of time. It reduces your frustration and mess too. ;D