Sunday, September 23, 2007

Indomie Instant Noodles - Onion Chicken Flavor

Here comes yet another flavor from Indomie. I think their strategy is to package all possible combinations of their huge array of flavor packets and call them each a new flavor. In some cases, such as Indomie's Mi Goreng, this is highly successful. In other cases, such as this one, the broth really lacks any distinctive quality.

In a word, I would call these noodles bland. I was disappointed that Indomie didn't include fried red onion, since they are known to do this in their instant noodle packages. The broth tastes a little bit like onion and a little bit like chicken but it is not very strong. After my first sip, I realized that these noodles were practically begging for a healthy dose of Sriracha sauce. I was happy to oblige them and turned the broth a fiery red color.

If you are not familiar with Sriracha sauce, I highly recommend you pick up a bottle at your neighborhood Asian grocery store. These noodles provide a perfect backdrop for Sriracha sauce because they are very plain on their own and need an additional kick to liven them up. On their own, I would definitely not recommend these noodles but they taste pretty good with a big dollop of Sriracha.

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Indomie Instant Noodles - Onion Chicken Flavor - 3.5/10


Junichi said...

Dude your missing the chedder cheese ramen

Anonymous said...

i've seen the noodles u cooked from the pict u posted and u said mostly taste bland.I guess its because u put too much water in it

Anonymous said...

lol no flavor ? my nose gets runnny from how spicy and good it is u dont even need to add siracha its hot already omg make 2 at a time.