Saturday, August 16, 2008

Samyang Foods - Kimchi Flavor Noodle

I've already reviewed this pack of instant noodles over two years ago, but I figured it was worth another try. They've changed the packaging, so it's possible they've changed the recipe as well. The Korean name for these noodles is much more prominent in this package although the graphics and layout remain nearly identical. It's possible that I've just obtained a different regional variant of these noodles, but there's no way for me to know for sure. The phrase "NO MSG" also appears for more prominently, perhaps reflecting an updated health consciousness.

I usually like Samyang's noodles thanks to their thick and chewy quality, and this pack of noodles is no exception to the rule. They have plenty of flavor and provide a nice contrast to the spicy soup. They also give you a lot of noodles, in this case 120g.

The broth in this soup is not very spicy compared to some of Samyang's other products. However, it does have a distinctive pickled cabbage taste which I never noticed before. This is a nice touch but it comes across slightly spoiled tasting instead of tasting like kimchi. They also include small dehydrated cabbage chunks to add to the kimchi theme. These noodles are pretty good, but I wish they had made it a lot spicier.

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Samyang Foods - Kimchi Flavor Noodle - 7.0/10


Anonymous said...

you can find a good selection of korean ramen at plus they have ramen videos where people can share.

Anonymous said...

Just 7? :/
I think this ramen is the best by far :D
I love samyang foods and Kimchi flavors

Wannabe Murabbi Muda =) said...

Im Muslim.. there no Halal Logo.. im already buy without noticed.. so its this product halal?

Jollybee said...

I like Samyang noodle for many reasons. First, No MSG is priority. Second, the taste of soup is mild and rich. As for Samyang Ramen, it is quite chilly but not so hot. Lastly, the noodle is chewy if cooked a bit longer.

I tried Nong Shim Ramen once. It comes with very hot chilly pepper that may cause upset stomach to many people like me who has a sensitive stomach.

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