Sunday, January 04, 2009

Asda Smart Price - Prawn Flavour Instant Noodles

It's not a very good sign when your instant noodle packaging is semi-transparent and you can see the flavor sachet through the outside wrapper. Nevertheless, I took my chances with this one. This is part of Asda's Smart Price range. Similar to Tesco Value or Sainsbury's Basics lines, the Asda Smart Price range is a low cost line of products. The packaging is restricted to one or two colors to reduce cost as much as possible.

These noodles were disappointingly limp and tasteless. The noodles themselves were quite gooey and starchy and didn't have the springiness illustrated on the packaging. There was barely any flavoring at all, especially not prawn flavoring. It tasted like a weak salt broth.

These noodles were terrible, but luckily my expectations were already very low. They didn't taste bad, but there was just no taste or texture to them. I will definitely not be getting these again.

Asda Smart Price - Prawn Flavour Instant Noodles - 0.5/10


Anonymous said...

Bleargh, I ate these once and the basic stuff like these and the tesco value are generally pants lol. They are so bad that a generally uninformed English person who has not tried things such as Shin Ramen, Samyang noodle Nissin etc *trust me not too many have* eat this crap from the supermarket and get a very negative view on ramen/instant noodles in general.

Anonymous said...


Rene Miller said...

Yes...I would have to agree with you on this ramen. Even though I truly enjoy all types as well as flavor of instant ramens..this one was little too bland for me.