Sunday, July 26, 2009

Unif Tung-I - Instant Artificial Spicy Beef Flavor Noodles

The packaging for these noodles has changed subtly since 2006. It appears that Unif is now producing and distributing these noodles for Tung-I. On the back of the package, I was surprised to see that this pack originated from Vietnam rather than Taiwan. The theme and graphics for the wrapper haven't changed much, so these are still very recognizable based on the crazy cow and red and white striped borders.

The flavor of these noodles is very nice. The broth is intense with beef flavor and has a high oil content. It is quite peppery as well. The texture of the noodles is not as deeply fried as before, but the noodles are thin and pretty flavorful.

I was disappointed that these noodles no longer contain bits of carrot like they used to. That was one of my favorite parts previously. This pack also now contains chunks of textured vegetable protein, which I always detest in my noodles. The flavor of these noodles is still very nice, but the overall quality has unfortunately slipped a little bit. I am still happy to eat these once in a while, but probably not as often as I used to.

Unif Tung-I - Instant Artificial Spicy Beef Flavor Noodles - 7.0/10


NICOLAS said...

HEllo I am doing a study of the Olive oil, do you know any Instant noodle package that has Olive oil. And another question does anyone have the proportions of the ingredients of the seasoning oil used in the instant noodles. THANK YOU.

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog... Very neat!
I love the Unif Tung-I mushroom flavor, OMG it is so good. DOesn't taste mushroomy to me, but it's damned good. Now I'll have to try the beef.

Anonymous said...

Hello, is this the same ramen here? If so, the packaging has changed.

I remember eating this ramen before and I LOVED it, so I have been searching for it again but I can't find it.