Saturday, October 01, 2005

Kung-Fu (Shrimp Flavor)

First of all, let me start off by saying that the bowl of ramen pictured on the packaging does not look very appetizing at all. There are two gigantic shrimps with the heads still on, which is the style that they are generally served in Asia. But the shrimps in the pictured bowl are absolutely puny. At least they could have put some appetizing shrimp in the picture! The font and color scheme is outdated and looks like something from the 1940's.

I was equally unimpressed by the contents of the package. The block of noodles was rather small. Two seasoning packets were included, a small one with the flavor powder and a surprisingly large packet containing flavored oil.

Upon opening the seasoning packet, I was pleasantly greeted with the aroma of shrimp. The block softened and broke apart rather easily in the soup, which is not always the case. However, I definitely consider it a positive when the noodles can disintegrate from their block form in a reasonable amount of time. The oil package was absolutely huge! I have no idea why, because it's not like it was spicy oil or even particularly flavorful. It tasted like a combination of sesame oil and olive oil and didn't taste particularly good.

Somehow, when I started eating the ramen, the entire shrimp flavor was missing. I know I had smelled it when I had put in the seasoning packet, but it was completely overwhelmed by the oil. The noodles themselves were passable, but still not as good as some other brands.

Those brown spots in the picture are shadows, not fried red onions. This is a shame, because this ramen could definitely have used something to add some flavor besides oil! I am not a frequent shrimp flavor eater, and I can only hope that other shrimp flavored ramen doesn't taste this bad!

Kung-Fu (Shrimp Flavor): 2.0 / 10


Kellen said...

are you kidding? those things are great. not to mention, you go to the store and buy $5 worth of shrimp, that's about enough to put 4 shrimp into 8 servings of this stuff. it's 45 cents, tiny freeze-dried shrimp is about all you should expect.

Alvin said...

Haha, I'll have to give this one another try sometime.

CD_Vision said...

Try the onion flavor, it's much much better.

Anonymous said...

I personally go for udon ;)

mischorradas said...

I tried them and are very bad. The smell is like plastic/petroleum (my girlfriend does not notice it, but I do). And when is time to was the dishes, all oil/whatever is stuck >:(

When I eat them I suffer dehydration and headhache. I don't know why but maybe the worst ingredients they use.

This noodles come from Taiwan.

Now I buy EU Demae Ramen (Nissin).

Anonymous said...

I am very sick. I am experiencing the same symptoms as mischorradas. Maybe there was a bad batch or something. Diarrhea, sweating, upset stomach, headache, dehydration.

There was a strong petroleum-like odor and flavor to the noodles. I only ate half.

Stay away from Kung Fu.

Anonymous said...

The author is insane. These noodles are fantastic.