Thursday, December 29, 2005

IndoMie Instant Noodles - Mi Goreng

Is it ramen if it doesn't come in soup? And if it's labeled on the front as kosher?

This 80 gram "ramen" hails from Indonesia and comes with an amazing four seasoning sachets. According to the back of the package, these sachets contain soy sauce, seasoning oil, seasoning powder, and chili powder.

Eating this ramen was an interesting experience because I have no idea what flavor it was supposed to be. It turns out to be sweet, salty, and spicy. The oil plus the fried noodles make the overall texture quite slippery, and I can't help but feel that it is quite fattening, but maybe that's why it's only 80 grams. Overall it's an interesting flavor and soft tasty noodle, but I prefer the regular ramen soups.

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Alvin said...

'Mi Goreng' just means 'Fried Noodles' in Indonesian, so that gives them full license to make whatever flavor they want, I suppose. It seems like most people agree that IndoMie is the best Indonesian brand.

Anonymous said...

i think your view of ramen is that noodles that looks curly and shaped in a block are called ramen. however that's not true because the thinner version ones are just normal instant noodles while the thicker ones are ramen. These two types of noodles taste different in texture and flavor. Not all instant noodles are ramen and those that are ramen are also not like the genuine ones that can be found in Japan.

Gee Chelsea said...

There are a lot of varians of Indomie..
I love curly noodle series of Indomie..