Thursday, December 08, 2005

Paldo Korean Noodle - U-Dong Flavor

Paldo Korean Noodle is a 120 gram ramen suitable for the hungry ramen lover. I was hoping that, like Shin Ramyun, the noodles would come in a round shape perfect for microwaving in my bowl. But alas, it was the standard slightly rectangular shape.

The U-Dong flavor comes with two packets. One is a veggie packet that continues a variety of dried veggies, including nori (seaweed), carrot, scallion, and onion flakes. The other is a deceptively red-orange powder that forms the soup base. It looks like it would be incredibly spicy, but in fact it is not spicy at all.

The noodles need to soak for longer than usual, but result in a chewy texture and flavorful taste. I was pleasantly surprised that the U-Dong flavor is pretty realistic to fresh udon soup. I could definitely recognize and identify the flavor. The noodles, of course, are nothing like udon noodles, but are still pretty high-quality for instant ramen. Although the picture doesn't show it, there are actually a significant number of veggies and I was particularly impressed at how the nori flakes completely rehydrated and expanded. This is an excellent ramen that actually tastes like the flavor it's supposed to be!

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Anonymous said...

Good info here.

For vegetarian/vegan instant noodles also try Indian grocery stores.

Some great ones are: Maggi Masala, Maggi Curry, Maggi Tomato, Top Ramen masala.
All are simply superb! The tastemaker packet contains only the seasoning (no dried vegetables) but you can always add frozen vegetables seperately.

Also Nissin also makes a "spicy vegetable" cup noodle version which is marketed and sold only in India. I have seen it once in a while in Indian stores in the US. good stuff!