Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Ansungtangmyun Hot & Spicy

These noodles from Nong Shim are the largest I've ever seen, weighing in at a goliath 125g. The cooking instructions call for preparation by a raccoon chef, but I took a shortcut and prepared them myself.

The noodle block was massive, as expected. It was unfortunately square instead of round like most of Nong Shim's offerings. There was only one flavor packet and it consisted mostly of a very spicy powder.

I'm not sure what Ansungtangmyun means but the soup was pretty good. There was a decent amount of seaweed, although it tends to sink to the bottom so you don't see it in the picture. It's not nearly as spicy as Shin Ramyun and is more of a flavorful spiciness rather than a painful spiciness.

Ansungtangmyun Hot & Spicy - 7.0/10

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slayer3 said...

ah yes, nong shim and the massive blocks of noodles. I have to be pretty hungry to eat them all.

Anonymous said...

I love this noodle. this is my family way for better taste. um..put a egg and sesame in there. if you want to challenge, put the vinegar (only 3-5drops!!). Important tip for the most Korean Rayman is that use less water when you cook!^^

Anonymous said...

So I was at work and I forgot to bring a bowl to make it in. I was starving so I opened the pack, and started eating it raw. It was decent, almost like crackers. Anyways, I got the idea to make the soup in a coffee cup. I did and I dipped the raw ramen into the soup and I took a bite. Awesome snack!!! This wont be the last time I try it.