Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Nong Shim Kimchee Ramen

The Nong Shim Kimchee Ramen is a 120 gram circular Korean ramen. It comes with two spice packets - one with vegetable flakes and the other with a red spicy powder.

I found that the noodles take longer to soften up than most ramen noodles. They are fairly thick and dense and don't absorb too much flavor.

If kimchee flavor simply means spicy flavor, then this ramen truly lives up to its billing! It tastes a lot like the Shin Ramyun Hot & Spicy, but with a softer edge. The veggie flakes include a decent amount of onion, nori, and scallion. The broth was spicy and fragrant, but not much different from Shin Ramyun or most of the Korean ramens on the market.


slayer said...

Yes, the Korean ramens are usually spicy or seafood flavor. Try eating some real kimchi with this ramen. It helps add some much neede flavor.

NoSympathy said...

This flavor rocks, one of my personal favorite if not MY favorite ramen.

xypher said...

I agree. My favourite flavour next to Shin Ramyun. Don't much like Neoguri by the way.

Anonymous said...

Nong Shim Kimchi ramen is da shiznit. I eat these at least twice a week.