Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Mie Sedaap Jelas Terasa Sedapnya

Hmm, I'm not really sure if I got the name of these instant noodles right, since there is very little English on the packaging. These noodles come from Indonesia and weigh in at a measly 72g. Judging by the picture, I think the flavor is supposed to be some kind of Chicken Curry, although it is hard to know for sure. Anyone know what "Jelas Terasa Sedapnya" means?

At first, I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were four flavor packets inside. Usually there are only one or two, so this seemed extra special. Soon, however, my delight turned to annoyance as I discovered they could not easily be ripped open by hand. Instead, they had to be cut with scissors. And even more annoying: the oil packet dripped on my scissors, requiring me to wash them afterwards. The four packets seemed to be: seasoning powder, chili powder, curry powder, and flavored oil.

It bothered me at first why all the powders came in separate packets. But after carefully reading the instructions again, it turns out you are supposed to add the curry powder last and sprinkle it over the top of everything. Whoops! But I'm sure it hardly makes any difference anyways. I guess the reason they put the chili powder separately is for people who don't want their soup to be spicy.

The noodles are disappointingly small, as I had expected based on the weight of the package. The soup flavor makes up for this deficiency, though. It tastes like a lemon curry with a little kick from the chili powder. I instantly thought of Thai food, but that might just be because Thai is the closest I've ever had to Indonesian food. The blend of flavors was really quite good; almost enough to offset the small amount of noodles and the annoyances of the flavor packets.

Mie Sedaap Jelas Terasa Sedapnya - 7.0/10


Anonymous said...

Nice reviews of ramen. I have the same problem at times with the little or no english on the labels.
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Anonymous said...

It means "mie sedaap (the brand name), obviously delicious" sedap itself means delicious, so "mie sedap = delicious noodle". (i'm indonesian, so it must be correct)

It is curry flavour, but is seems you put to much water in it( the noodles seems so watery)

Anyway, since you are able to get indonesian noodle, i should recommend you to try "mie ABC selera pedas", especially the green pepper flavour, it is so hot and delicious.

Anonymous said...

"Jelas Terasa Sedapnya" roughly translates as Assuredly Tasty. Directly translated - word for word - Clearly Tasting Tastiness

Probably more information than anyone really wants to know : )

another guest said...

rasa = taste/flavor
kari = curry
ayam = chicken

rasa kari ayam = chicken curry flavor

idarmadi said...

yes, it is Chicken Curry flavour.

The reason of why it's so small compared to the instant noodle/ramen from Thailand/ Japan or Korea is because the fierce competition in Indonesia.

Instant noodles are very popular here in Indonesia. It's cheaply affordable, especially by the poors. Because of that situation, then the noodle must not cost more than Rp.1.000,- (one thousand rupiah, roughly 10 cents USD).

With the increase of oils, wheats, packaging, bla, bla, bla, the only trick that they can do to keep the price low is by make the product smaller.

The most popular instant noodle in Indonesia, Indomie Mie Goreng (Indomie Fried Noodle) cost Rp.950,- It's can be said as a benchmark.


Anonymous said...

Nearly all indomie noodles designed to be cooked in soup have dual face to them: The soup side and the mie goreng side. I'll have to say prepare them like they are mie goreng. After boiling, drain the boiling water, stir noodle w dried powder + oil must be added since not all soup version has sufficient oil to fully mix the spices through evenly. Then the 'dry' version will trully come out. Carefully pour the dried spice packet, avoid pouring them entirely as it will result in the noodle being too salty / savory towards bitter.

My recommendation: remade your Soto flavor, curry flavor, meat ball flavor (soup) into mie goreng. They will be much better, trust me.

Anonymous said...

"Jelas Terasa Sedapnya" means you can taste the delicious flavour of the noodle when you eat it. The close translation of "Jelas terasa sedapnya" is definitely taste delicious (the noodle flavour). Jelas : definitely, taste : terasa, sedapnya : delicious / good. It will taste good if you can cook it in the right way.
When I see your posts about Indomie soup noodles, it is look watery, the taste will not come perfectly. I always pour the water less from its instruction, so it will tasty :). But dont pour water in little amount, because it will taste salty.
In my opinion, the key is the amount of water that you pour in. Just find the perfect amount which is fit perfectly which your taste, plain - tasty - salty. :)
I am Indonesian. :)

Unknown said...

Are Mie Sedaap and Mi Sedaap the same company? Upon opening a package of Mi Sedaap I found that the package of of crunchy onion said Moe Sedaap. Any difference?