Saturday, May 06, 2006

Mama Pad Thai - Stir Fried Flavor

These 70g miniscule noodles are so small they would only be suitable for feeding a small child or large pet. Despite this drawback, I went ahead and tried them, intrigued by the prospect of Pad Thai in a bag. As you might or might not expect, these are imported from Thailand.

Mama Pad Thai had a different cooking method than anything I've ever seen before. They want you to pour boiling water into the bowl with the noodles and then drain the noodles after 3 minutes and add the spices. In concept it is somewhat similar to Indomie Mi Goreng's cooking method.

As you can tell from the picture, these are rice noodles rather than the usual wheat noodles found in instant noodles. I added a fried egg since I am not a small child or large pet and require a little more substance to a meal.

The taste was quite good! A little bit similar to Mi Goreng, the Mama Pad Thai is very sweet and quite spicy. It was surprisingly sweet, but it also had a good savoriness to the noodles. There is a good taste of shallots if you enjoy that taste. If anything, the flavor was a little bit too strong for the amount of noodles they provided. My suggestion would be to increase the amount of noodles and tone down on the sweetness a little bit.

Mama Pad Thai - Stir Fried Flavor - 8.0/10


Micha said...

I definately enjoy these. I like the sweet/spicy flavor. I personally dont thing the sauce is too strong (granted...i tend to drain the water from my noodles).

A. Lin said...

I love this product. I had been buying the Americanized "Taste of Thai" brand, and it is so expensive. I can buy these packs for 33 cents at the Asian supermarket. Or even cheaper for a whole case.

I love the taste. I use them as a snack or I cook two packs for lunch. I usually don't use the red spice pack as the larger one is spicy enough for me.

I want to buy them online for cheaper if I can find them. The Asian supermarket is a good distance from my house; and when I went last week, I couldn't find a case of them. I had to buy all the individual packs that were on the shelf--18 in all. I like to stock up.

Marissa said...

These are actually my FAVORITE when it comes to the cheaper instant noodles...In fact I probably like them more than alot of the pricey ones. I like adding egg to mine as well. The portion is a bit odd for me; one packet is too small and two packets are a bit too much for me.

bky1701 said...

I'm eating this company's "green tea tom yum" flavor right now, and it's really good! I always thought tom yum was more a mild coconut flavor, but this is very hot and kind of sour. I don't understand the green tea part, though.

It's only for people who like and can stand hotness, though... it's hotter than any Mexican or even Indian food I ever ate.