Saturday, May 13, 2006

Ve Wong Noodle - Pork & Chicken Flavor

I am much more familiar with Ve Wong's Peppered Beef Flavor, but I couldn't resist picking this up when 99 Ranch Market had a Buy One, Get One Free sale.

As you might expect, the noodles in this pack are identical to those in the Peppered Beef Flavor. The Ve Wong noodles come with a good quantity of seaweed, cabbage, and carrot which add some nice variety and texture to the noodles.

I wonder what genius at Ve Wong decided to combine pork and chicken into the same flavor. Well, it kind of works, in that the soup is very savory and definitely meat-flavored, although the meat's identity is a little bit obscure. The noodles are pretty tasty and are pretty thin and soft, as is typical of Taiwanese instant noodles. Overall, these noodles are worth a try if you are into a savory meat flavor without any spiciness.

Ve Wong Noodle - Pork & Chicken Flavor - 6.5/10

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Sandi said...

I had this ramen this morning and really liked it. I'm a big fan of the Ve Wong noodle style. I thought the broth was great too - very flavorful.

Milena said...

I love these instant noodles. This is probably my favorite flavor. The rest of my family (parents and brother) also like the peppered beef flavor- I like it too, but eat it sparingly because I am sensitive to spicy foods, which severely limits my instant noodle choices, though I will brave the spiciness for a good flavor.