Sunday, May 21, 2006

Sogoki Myun - Beef Flavor

The packaging of this reminded me very much of the Kimchi Ramen I had a few weeks ago, which was also made by Samyang Foods. I guess you could say they are part of the same family of large Korean instant noodles with relatively basic flavors.

These noodles turned out to be much spicier than I had anticipated. It's not quite up to the heat level of Shin Ramyun, but it definitely has more kick than you might expect from the packaging, which gives no hint that it might be spicy inside. I guess these Korean packages don't need to indicate spiciness, since pretty much all Korean instant noodles are spicy. The exception is the Chajung Myun varieties.

Couldn't really taste any beef flavor because the heat from the broth overwhelmed the taste. Overall, these were decent simple noodles that didn't do very much to distinguish themselves in my mind positively or negatively.

Sogoki Myun - Beef Flavor - 7.0/10


Cavin said...

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Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100 percent. I just tried these and was not expecting a spicy ramen, but overall they were good. Noodles tasted nice and "eggy" to me.

Vincent S.

ChilliBean said...

Nongshim Udon is da bomb! I've tried some others that were bleh, though. Example: Shirayuki udon- what gives? The favor packet tastes more like dishwater than anything, also the noodles in the shrink wrap were loosing their shape and tasted like wax...

The next one I'm going to try is Myojo udon.

Anonymous said...

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