Sunday, September 10, 2006

Maggi - Tom Yam Flavour

From the makers of the ubiquitous Maggi sauce comes these noodles. Even though Maggi is owned by Nestlé, these noodles are imported from Malaysia. I had very high hopes for these, considering they came from a reputable brand and Tom Yam flavour seemed like a good idea at the time.

As a disclaimer, I have never had Tom Yam soup before, but I have heard great things about it from friends. Wikipedia describes it as a "hot and sour soup flavored with fish sauce". Hmm, maybe that should have been my first warning sign. Sour and fish flavored things usually don't come off well in instant noodles. The additives to these noodles consisted of a powder pack and a sauce pack filled with a dark brown thick sauce.

Looks innocent enough from the picture, right? But what you don't see is the pungent and noxious sour taste of this broth. These noodles are hot and spicy but are also disgustingly sour. To make matters worse, there is a strong fishy taste on top of everything. Maybe I just don't like Tom Yam soup, but I think these noodles are just plain bad. Maggi should stick to making sauces!

Maggi - Tom Yam Flavour - 0.0/10


Anonymous said...

but tom yam soup is indeed spicy and sour..

Lazybear said...

I am a Malaysian. Neither do I like Maggi. Taste horrible, from their curry to plain chicken to all flavours.

Anonymous said...

exactly -- tom yum is precisely the taste you described

you should be careful not to discriminate when making your observations

riverfr0zen said...

I actually quite enjoy this particular flavor, though perhaps this one is more of a 'once in a while' thing for me. The spicy/sour combo is intentional, and certainly clears the nose!

That being said, the broth doesn't actually taste like Tom Yum soup. There are other brands such as Mama that come closer to the Tom Yum taste.

Anonymous said...

For Maggi brand I like the curry and chicken flavour better. As for Tom Yam you can try Thailand brand PAMA ;)

Jollybee said...

Maggi is synonymous to Ramen or instant noodle in Malaysia for a long time since Nestle is the first one to introduce the instant noodle esp. here in South East Asia.

Maggi originally most successful chicken soup noodle in fact does not go well eating alone. Because in the past, it was just too odd for anyone to eat plain noodle soup. Therefore, we usually to refer to the cover photo as it acts a suggestive serving idea on how to prepare the food.

To prepare Maggi chicken soup noodle, you will need some fresh ingredients such as green vegetable, carrot/ cabbage, pouched egg and chicken meat or bones to go well with it.

Same like Maggi Tom Yam, I believe you need the fresh ingredients such as fresh prawn or fish to make the Tomyam soup ready like in the cover photo.

Hazardous said...

Nom nom nom.... Maybe you should try the REAL tom yum soup first before trying instant noodles with tom yum flavor, so you would know what to expect. It's like trying crab fish cake for the first time without knowing how crab meat taste like. It's common sense, ya know.