Friday, October 21, 2005

Nissin Demae Ramen - Tonkotsu Flavor

What is Tonkotsu flavor? Curiosity drove me to try this particular brand of ramen, despite the general mediocrity of the Nissin Demae product line.

As it turns out, Tonkotsu flavor is tasty! The package comes with a seasoning oil packet and a spices packet. The overall flavor is similar to sesame, and the spices packet includes sesame seeds. So if you like sesame, this flavor is for you!

Of course, the sesame broth did little to mask the tasteless filler that Nissin likes to call "noodles," nor did it include dried veggies or other spices to give the flavor some kick. Still, it was more flavorful than the pork flavor and different from any other ramen I've ever tried. Interesting, I did a quick Internet search for Tonkotsu, and it's supposed to be a pork, onion, and garlic flavor. Not much like Nissin's Tonkotsu flavor!


Alvin said...

"...general mediocrity of the Nissin Demae product line."

Hey, I like the Nissin Demae line!! Although I agree, they can seem rather simple at times. They are basically the conservative imported ramen choice. If ramen had flavors (well OK they actually do, but bear with me...), then Nissin Demae would be vanilla.

MojoXN said...

"Tonkatsu" is a Japanese breaded and fried pork cutlet. I'm assuming that the flavor of these noodles was derived from tonkatsu sauce, an odd condiment which reminds me of ketchup mixed with shoyu, citrus, and other assorted Asian ingredients.


NekoMama7 said...

Tonkotsu is pork bones, and tonkotsu soup is made using pork bones.

Tonkatsu is a breaded deep fried pork cutlet.

Completely different.

Belf Punter said...

I have been wondering this for years you have finally helped me get rid of the inkling I could be eating something like human.

Patrick said...

So would this broth be similar to an instant version of the korean, seoul long tang, sorry my spelling might be wrong.

Anonymous said...

The tonkotsu tastes a lot like anchovies actually.

Aaron Keen said...

I used to love these noodles until very recently they kept the same name and completely changed the flavour, now they are disgusting!! :(